via Daily Prompt: Sympathize


I can sympathize, but don’t accept
Your need to castigate and condemn others
Your unyielding and unforgiving stance
With no allowance for weakness in another.

Are you so pure and without fault?
Without guile and vulnerability?
Can’t you see humanity in forgiveness?
What has fostered such hostility?

Too much time spent in the dark
Where it was damp and often cold
No windows to look out from
Always doing what you were told.

Who told you kindness was a weakness?
Who said you needed to be punished?
Where did you learn this castigation?
Were you ignored, often admonished?

Too often blamed and then condemned
Scrutinized and then rejected
Left alone too many times
You were so blatantly neglected.

Though this accounts for your demeanor
It’s not a reason to pass judgment
On those less fortunate and in need
Of your love and acknowledgment.

We have to learn from past mistakes
Or we are doomed to repeat all over
The crimes committed in our childhood
By our fathers and our mothers.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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