Off script and unpredictable
He awaits an interview
With no one to protect him
No telling what he’ll do.

Nothing but a liar
A sad excuse of a man
Disrupting our fair nation
In any way he can.

Stopping immigration
No compromise at all
Too busy with his own plans
To build a needless wall.

Colluding with the enemy
Putin his trusted comrade
No respect for democracy
They say that he has gone mad.

Tax cuts for the very rich
Who cares about the poor
No meaningful incentives
Of that you can be sure.

Devising stories built on lies
A master of deception
Clouds of smoke, dust and dirt
It’s all about corruption.

Out of context, bold faced lies
He takes all that he can
Double talk and jibberish
Such a weak pathetic man.


Image from Google Images: the

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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