My puppy had to have surgery
She had a mass under her chin
She had a second one on her right paw
We went back to the vet again.

Every time we get out on the road
She knows just where we’re going
She starts to shake, rattle and roll
You can hear her softly moaning.

The helpless look in her eyes,
The restless panting and the panic
Poor thing is just so terrified
She’s so nervous and so frantic.

Once we’re there, she cowers down
Her tail between her legs
She paces while we’re waiting
She whines and begins to beg.

About this time I start to cry
The tech offers me a tissue
I try and explain myself to her
But she’s familiar with this issue.

The follow-up visit is over and done
They gave us a pill or two
To help relieve her post-op pain
To help relax her, too.

She’s sound asleep at home now
No strange sounds or weird smells
She’s relaxed and seems quite comfortable
As far as I can tell.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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