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Through the forest
Into deep brush
A creature lives
In thicket plush
Thick with vines
Weeds and moss
I wandered in
Completely lost.

Sunlight fades
I heard him growl
Time running out
The smell so foul
Within a cave
Dark and deep
He had awoken
From his sleep.

Matted hair
Face of gray
Hands like paws
He waits for prey
Sunlight wanes
Fog rolls in
Day is gone
Night begins.

Upon a branch
Up on high
Sits the owl
I start to cry
No way out
Nowhere to hide
What to do?
I’m terrified.

Hunts and pecks
I start to pray
Will I become
His lunch today?
I start to run
I trip and fall
I start to crawl.

Scattered bones
All around
The eerie noise
The horrid sounds
He screams, he barks
Breathing fire
I saw the sparks
Beyond the brier.

Frantic now
Hoping I
Get out alive
From a cliff
I take the leap
Before I land
I wake from sleep.

Just a dream
It wasn’t real
Though it felt
So surreal
No freaks, no fear
No scary gnomes
I made it home.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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