Gently I feel the breeze
As it brushes against my face
I search for you everywhere
I’ve looked every place.

For any sign of you
To help me to remember
To hear your voice inside my head
To erase the noise and thunder.

The sparkle in your eyes
Your laughter and your smile
If only I could be with you
For just a little while.

The memories begin to fade
They disappear one by one
The days we spent together
All the grandeur, all the fun.

No one will ever take your place
They’ll be no substitutions
There’s only one of you
Just you, who eases my confusion.

My twisted past, my cross to bear
You helped to see me through
You were my guiding force, my light
You knew just what to do.

I walk alone without you
I stand alone withdrawn
I’ll never be the same again
Now that you, alas….are gone.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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