via Daily Prompt: Mnemonic


Using a mnemonic
Helped me to recall
Without it I would flounder
My grades would surly fall.

Making the connection
With so many facts and figures
The words that would escape me
Now so easy to deliver.

Taking every single test
With this amazing newfound aid
Finally made it possible
To make a passing grade.

Like magic I could not believe
The answers to the questions
Appearing right before my eyes
Through word association.

Suddenly with A’s and B’s
My future became certain.
I felt like I could now achieve
I’d become a different person.

Thanks to Bob for helping me
He introduced me to mnemonics
And though it had brought us very close
We kept our relationship platonic.

Love and feelings get in the way
I couldn’t concentrate on drama
I had to get my goals in line
The rest was left to karma.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

6 thoughts on “LIKE MAGIC”

  1. Thank you. It’s a true story. 🙂 I couldn’t have made it, without him. The Cranial Nerves: “On Old Olympic Towering Tops”… Olfactory, Optic, Oculomotor, Trochlear, and Trigeminal, ect. Yikes!!!!! It was tough!!!! 🙂


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