Sitting quietly on the beach
Watching the waves come in and out
The travelers, the locals
Make their way about.

Basking in the sunshine
Hiding under an umbrella
A group of older women
Huddle up together.

Crowded sandy beaches
Snowbirds come and go
Trying to escape the cold
The ice, the rain, the snow.

Playing cards or Bocce
Their skin warm and tan
Some blistering and over done
Still they soak up all they can.

Knelling by the water’s edge
The children build sand castles
The knights that they pretend to be
Prepare for water battles.

Windy sandy breezes
The smell of the sea air
Walking barefoot in the sand
No worries and no cares.

Pack a bag with lotion
A water bottle too
Bring a towel and sandwich
Enough for just us two.

A day spent at the ocean
Nothing could be better
Glad we have each other
So glad that we’re together.


Images from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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