Spiraling out of control
Falling deeper into the void
Feeling so lost and alone
Wishing that I could avoid

Your well meaning intentions
Your imposed opinions and norms
Pushing me into a corner
Virtually grabbing my arm.

Step away from my meltdown
Let me implode on my own
This is my party, you’re not invited
Get out, please leave me alone.

Frantically losing my composure
Bouncing off the walls
Looking to tear my hair out
As I continue to fall.

Down below, in a cavern
Dark and made of stone
I reach up to turn a light on
I cry out loud and begin to moan.

I’ve cried and cried my heart out
It’s impaled and stuck to the wall
I have nothing left to live for
I have simply lost it all.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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