Crazy Susan lives in my neighborhood
Crazy Susan won’t leave me alone
Crazy Susan follows me everywhere
Crazy Susan lives too close to home.

She watches me, both day and night
She wanders, looking in and out of my window
She lives all by herself, all alone
I’ve heard them say, that she’s a widow.

She calls a lot, hanging on and hanging up
She sends texts from unknown numbers
She’s in my yard late at night
I can hear her quietly mumble.

I’m afraid, she could be armed
Have a gun, maybe a knife
She might follow me someday
She sneaks around, mostly at night.

People say that she is harmless
Just a little bit peculiar
But she could snap and make a move
Who knows, don’t know what fuels her.

Can’t take a chance, I will be ready
If one night she comes out walking
I’m afraid, afraid of her
Can’t they see, this woman’s stalking?

She’s been watching, watching me
Thru the day, night after night
I am freaked out and I’m afraid
She might attack, maybe tonight.

Called 911, they think it’s me
They don’t know, they haven’t heard her
If this keeps up, I can just see
They’ll get a call, “there’s been a murder”.

Hope it’s not me, that’s lying dead
I just know, she can’t be trusted
If they were smart, they’d take her in
Check her out and get her tested.

I’ve locked the doors, I’ve closed the windows
I’ve drawn the shades and closed the blinds
I hope she moves, or maybe I will
She’s bothered me too many times.

* Purely fiction.

Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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