via Daily Prompt: Messy


Her hair was pretty messy
She looked somewhat disheveled
I hadn’t seen her in awhile
I was feeling quite unsettled.

Always neat and put together
Now she looked distraught and sad
Looked like she’d been treated badly
Then stuffed into a bag.

Her hair was awfully greasy
She smelled of cheap perfume
Her shoes were scuffed and tattered
She needed a bath and I mean soon.

I picked her up at the bus stop
She hadn’t waited very long
She said that she was hungry
I knew that something had gone wrong.

What can I do to help you?
“Let me stay with you awhile”
I said okay with trepidation
Then I mustered up a smile.

She had no luggage to speak of
Just a small black leather purse
Guess she figured coming back to me
Couldn’t make things any worse.

She had hit rock bottom
There was nowhere left to go
I drew her bath, gave her a towel
A brush and some clean clothes.

Once she had cleaned herself up
She looked more like herself
I was still in love with her
What could I do to help?

She didn’t stay with me very long
She was anxious to get back
Back to where she came from
I was calm and didn’t react.

I dropped her back off at the bustop
Gave her five hundred dollars and a phone
I told her if she changed her mind
She could always come back home.

She kissed my cheek
Then walked away
I watched the bus drive off
I knew I’d never see her again
Somehow she had gotten lost.


Image from Google Images: honestmotherhood.uk.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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