Our ethic’s laws have been shattered
They’ve been blown out of the water
No one tells the truth anymore
They think it doesn’t matter.

No one’s hands are clean
They’re all in thick, a pack of liars
The truth’s hung out to dry
And their pants are all on fire.

Tired of all their blatant lies
All the bought off politicians
They’re afraid of being honest
And losing their incentives.

Clean out the dirty, filthy swamp
It’s all one big disgrace
Our country’s being run into the ground
He hasn’t made America great.

I’m feeling so embarrassed
He’s made a fool of us
He’s been kissing up to Putin
He’s connected to Russia.

Dismantling every department
Removing regulations
It won’t foster more business
Just destroy our reputation.

He’s such a big mouth braggart
An obnoxious pompous fool
He’s taking us down a rabbit hole
He’s nothing but a rube.

When are you going to wake up
See the writing on the wall?
Our country’s taken a nose dive
And he’s responsible for it all.

Step up and call for justice
That means justice for everyone
Not just the top two percent
It’s time to get things done.

America the beautiful
America the great
We have to take our country back
Before it is too late.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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