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It’s hard to explain
What happened to me
I fell from heaven
Or was pushed deliberately.

I had my problems
I had cheated and lied
I said I was sorry,
My request was denied.

I didn’t qualify
For a halo or wings.
They said someone like me
Can’t have anything.

Once up above
I thought things were clear
I never dreamed
They’d send me back here.

I have to be careful
Avoid all temptations
It’s hard for me
Not a fan of damnation.

Hell’s pretty hot
That’s what I’ve heard
Hope they don’t want me
Hope I’m not transferred.

Stopped smoking and stealing
I gave up the pot
Hoping that keeps me
From somewhere that’s hot.

Church going, God fearing
No swearing or cussing
I’m trying so hard
To stop all my fussing.

Hoping to gain
My wings and my gown
As long as I can
Just stop fooling around.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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