Try not to give in and don’t give up
Find the strength to carry on
You can make it thru this
Even though, you know he’s gone.

Keep your thoughts in the “here and now”
Don’t go back down memory lane
Nothing’s going to ever change
It will never be the same.

He wasn’t really there for you
No reason to think he’s changed
He’d walk out, the way he did
He’d leave you all over again.

If he was worth it, he’d be with you
He’d be standing by your side
Stop those tears, stop crying now
Give your tears a chance to dry.

Things will be better over time
It may take years, but you’ll be okay
Try not to continue to think of him
Someday you’ll find a way.

What you’re feeling isn’t real
It’s just the obsession kicking in
Get busy, find something else
Don’t let thoughts of him slip in.

Watch a film with friends or family
Stay away from those heartfelt Rom Coms
Maybe a mystery, or science fiction
Maybe something considered kinda dumb.

You can do this, please be strong
Someday you’ll learn to let him go
You’ll stop thinking or believing
It was more than it ever was.

You’re worth more than you realize
You have kindness in your heart
He was nothing but a player
From the beginning, right from the start.


Image from Google Iages:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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