In the absence of restraints
Who knows what you might do
Without all the restrictions
What would become of you?

Don’t we need those regulations
Boundaries to keep us all in line?
Who knows what would happen
Would lack of rules…encourage crime?

Without rules and regulations
There’d be chaos all day long
There would be so much confusion
Between what is right, or wrong.

Accidents and traffic jams
Without traffic lights and signs
There would be no order or direction
If there was no dividing line.

If factories could dump their waste
In the rivers and the streams
They would pollute our water
Do you know what that could mean?

What about your operations
If there was no order to keep track
Of the sponges and the instruments
While repairing your bad back?

There would be a lot of problems
Many patients soon would die
You need to keep a sponge count
Can’t you see the reason why?

In every area of our lives
We need to have restrictions
Without them things might be
One big, disastrous complication.


Image from Google Images: circadeum.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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