We sat in a café
At a table for two
I wanted to tell her
“I’m in love with you”.

Too soon to say it
Would she understand?
Might make me sound needy
Not much of a man.

Women like men
Who are cold and aloof
Didn’t want to upset her
Thought she might get spooked.

We talked about work
Some books that we read
No mention of sex
Or us going to bed.

Brought her a coffee
A macchiato with caramel
Wasn’t saying too much
She was upset, I could tell.

The encounter was awkward
I think you’d agree
She said that she wanted
To see less of me.

I tried not to crumble
I had sweaty palms
But, kept my composure
And, tried to stay calm.

We finished our coffee
I just wanted to die
I knew it was over
I didn’t ask why.

So much for macho
I told her a lie
Told her, “I get it”
Then we said good bye.


Image from Google Images: netdoctor.co.uk

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

3 thoughts on “A TABLE FOR TWO”

    1. Although this is mere fiction…..I felt really bad for him. Seems he really wanted her, but like you said…. “maybe she wasn’t right for him”. Any way you look at it, it hurts to be rejected. He held his own…….Good for him! I didn’t want him to gravel. She wasn’t worth it!!!!! I liked the pic…. She’s already engaged with someone else on her cell phone! 😦
      Thanks for reading and commenting!!!!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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