via Daily Prompt: Provoke


Don’t provoke, incite or annoy
It’s best to try and get along.
If you keep rousing, pushing and poking
You will only look weak and not strong.

Being a bully, tormenting and lying
Won’t ever make you look good
It just makes others looking on, think
You’re not acting the way that you should.

Irritating and needling, poking the bear
Is a mistake for you to make
It makes you look bad, and one of these days
Might prove to be a fatal mistake.

Where’s your compassion, where is the love?
Are you really seething with so much hate?
Do you have to continue to try and bring down
Someone else to make you feel great?

Come to your senses, stop all the bullying
Be a man and stop browbeating the weak
You really need to build your own self-esteem
Stop ridiculing the mild and the meek.

Kindness and love will take you much further
Than imposing fear and a lack of compassion
Give up the fight and the need to be right
If what you want is a better reaction.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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