One dark and stormy night
I looked outside my window
That’s when I first saw you
Standing next to a big limo.

Was it there for you
Or was it a coincidence?
What was I to think?
I was naïve and innocent.

Didn’t know you were a gangster
Thought you were a businessman
Noted you had lots of money
Guess I didn’t understand.

Your suits were so expensive
Your shoes from Italy
Your friends all spoke Italian
Like they do in Sciliy.

I heard them call you, Tony
Couldn’t believe you asked me out
I was a little frightened
But I was sure and had no doubt.

That you really were a gentleman
You took me to a restaurant
That required a reservation
Said, “You can have anything you want”.

I was treated like a princess
You sent me flowers every day
In time I had fallen for you
You had quite a winsome way.

Didn’t know you had a handgun
Didn’t know your family
Didn’t know you made a living
By bribery and murdering.

Said your last name was Soprano
Thought you would change for me
But I was wrong about you
I was blind, I didn’t see.

They made a show about you
You rocked the Jersey shore
I heard all about it
From my friend who lives next door.

Don’t know what I will do now
Don’t want to let you go
Maybe they’ll find a role for me
On your next TV show.


Image from Google Images: ecoteuve.eleconomista.es

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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