via Daily Prompt: Talisman


He carried his talisman
Everywhere that he would go
Thru every struggle
Thru the rain or thru the snow.

Barriers and obstacles
Often crossed his path
Thank goodness for his lucky charm
Instead of crying, he’d just laugh.

Like magic he would find the way
Passed negativity and hardships
He was considered the luckiest guy
He revealed thru every part of this.

Always knew he had no worries
That luck was on his side
He never had to be concerned
No reason, or need to cry.

Like he had won the lottery
He skated right on by
He never had to think about it
Luck was on his side.

Then came the day he reached inside
Found a hole in the pocket of his pants
He had lost his lucky charm
He began to scream and rant.

“Oh no, what will I do?
I’ve lost my lucky charm
Try and help me find it
Please sound the alarm.”

He looked high and low
He looked everywhere
His lucky charm was gone
And no one seemed to care.

The wizards and the genies
Had all just disappeared
Without his lucky charm
He’d be facing all his fears.

Now he was standing on his own
No safety net to catch his fall
He had to make his own luck now
There was no one there to call.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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