via Daily Prompt: Micro


She tried to micromanage me
I found it so intense
She kept hovering over me
Which made so little sense.

I like to work by myself
I prefer to work alone
Don’t want to have to compromise
Prefer being on my own.

She stifled and corrected me
It was so suffocating
I had to walk out several times
To stop my hands from shaking.

“Do this, do that, No…. not that “
She was always in my face
She couldn’t seem to help herself
I needed my own space.

Once I got away from her
I started to feel better
I can’t go back and be with her
I said goodbye in a short letter.

“Sorry but I can’t go on
You just won’t let me be
I need to spend some time alone
Where you can’t bother me”!

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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