Having trouble sleeping
I need to get some rest
Sleeping thru the night
Is an issue more or less.

Counting sheep, counting stars
Just doesn’t work for me
I can’t seem to fall asleep
Can’t escape anxiety.

I toss and turn, I flip and flop
I get up and drink some water
I walk around, I lay back down
Wish there was help for my disorder.

All night long I close my eyes
But daylight puts me under
When I’m awake and the sun is out
My body wants to slumber.

Crazy how my days mixed up
Have suddenly crossed over
I need to get some rest tonight
Maintain a calm composure.

Mediation and hypnosis
Haven’t helped me very much
I guess I need a sedative
Or some other special touch.

A back rub and some lotion
Soothing music might be nice
Can’t let this become a habit
An affliction, or a vice.

Going to close my eyes now
Listening to a lullaby
I have to try and fall asleep
It’s getting dark outside.


Image from Google Images: batisttoday.org

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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