via Daily Prompt: Quartet


A quartet was playing at THE CUBBY HOLE
Four gals had gotten together
They were an unassuming group
A small crowd had started to gather.

Two played guitars, one violin
The last girl played the drums
Their music was surprisingly good
I loved each song they sung.

It was rare to have live music
At a small dive bar downtown
The crowd got pretty hefty though
People came from all around.

Word got out and it didn’t take long
They had a unique kind of sound
People sat back and listened to them
Their music was the best in town.

Who knew a few unassuming gals
Could rock the lower east side
With tunes about their life and loves
The ones who left and lied?

Rock n roll, mellow and sweet
They wrote all of their own songs
You knew they would be hitting the charts
It wouldn’t take too long.

Now I hear them on the radio
Their sound is quite unique
I knew that they would make it
They’re considered cool and chic.

Glad I got their autographs
The night I went downtown
I knew that they’d be famous
Now the hottest thing around.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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