via Daily Prompt: Betrayed


Betrayed and abandoned
Left on my own
You were so cold
Your heart turned to stone.

Never thought you would leave me
Never thought you’d walk away
I wasn’t expecting
You to ever stray.

Where did you meet her?
Did she come onto to you?
Did you tell her about me?
What exactly did you do?

I trusted you, I loved you
Never thought we’d come apart
I gave you everything
My soul and all my heart.

You don’t seem to be sorry
You seem relieved, undisturbed
No real explanation
Now you’re living with her.

How can I accept this?
I can’t get over you
What am I suppose to say?
What am I now suppose to do?

Every song that I hear,
Every picture of you
My mind is racing
I’m sad, I’m so blue.

I talk to my friends
I cry all the time
Constantly reminded
Can’t get you off my mind.

I’ve gotta let go
Have to make it thru the day
It’s going to take time
I have to find a way.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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