Sitting in the waiting room
Overcome by nerves and fear
The whirling sound of the dentist’s drill
You can hear it…loud and clear.

Why can’t they simply put you out?
You don’t want to know what’s happening
The smells, the sounds, the look of it all
You can feel yourself start panicking.

You want to hide, to run away
What are you waiting for?
Soon they’ll come out and call your name
That’s when they lock the doors.

Call the police, sound the alarm
You’re so terrified of needles
Especially ones in your sensitive gums
This procedure should be illegal.

Pulling and yanking with dental pliers
Seems barbaric and quite cruel
Wish you could just fall asleep
Don’t want to see those gruesome tools.

Who would want to do this job?
A sadist or tormentor?
Maybe they should take a class
On how to be more tender.

No one considered in their right mind
Would agree to have this done
Dental visits are hardly what
One might consider…. fun.


Image from Google Images: michaelsinkindds.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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