via Daily Prompt: Frantic


I was frantic to get out of the house
To run as fast and as far, as I could
I knew I should have stayed and talked
But I couldn’t do, or say… what I should.

My heart was shattered, I was out of control
I could feel my heart racing
My love for you was all that I knew
But, now heartache was all I was facing.

We hold on tight, don’t want to let go
Thinking it all will stay the same
But feelings are fluid, they come and they go
Nothing is guaranteed to remain.

Heart and soul, all that I am
I gave to you without hesitation
Now you’re saying it’s over, we’re thru
What happened to the lust and elation?

One special love that’s all we get
One brass ring on the merry go round
Now, you’ll spend your life with someone else
Someone better than me that you found.

Over and over, and over again
Thinking back to when you were mine
Tortured and hurt I have regrets
Hoping things will get better in time.


Image. From Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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