I’m afraid of crocodiles
Though I know how to swim
I’m afraid of sharks too
Which keeps me from jumping in.

Every time I watch them surf
I so wish that I could, too
But being fearful of the “Great White”
Tells me what I need to do.

I hide out on the sandy beach
Though tan, I’m green with envy
Wish I could throw caution to the wind
But I’m too scared of a feeding frenzy.

After watching “JAWS” ten times
I can’t seem to shake off my fears
I am so afraid they might
Find me wading here.

I’ve heard it said they can attack
In only one foot of salty water
Just my luck they’d find me here
The thought makes me shake and shutter.

Fear can be so paralyzing
I stand frozen in the sun
I want to get over this
Get out there and have some fun.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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