Why can’t you see what he’s about?
Why can’t you stand on your own?
He’s not worth spending your life with
You’d be better off, alone.

No one can understand why
Or, what you see in him
He’s cruel, vindictive and mean-spirited
His outlook…. incredibly grim.

Karma’s there for balance
When you treat others like they’re peons
It’ll come back to bite you
Are you listening to what I’m saying?

He simply isn’t nice to you
He wants to hurt and bring you harm
He goes out of his way to maim
He gets pleasure out of twisting your arm.

He’s definitely schizophrenic
A depressive egomaniac
One minute he is up, feeling high
The next he’s stabbing you in the back.

There’s no give and take with him
It’s just getting his own way
You’re nothing more than a victim
In the game, he likes to play.

He enjoys spreading things around
He likes acquiring all he can
The more property he can own
The more he feels like a man.

He has an immature sense of humor
He is somewhat juvenile
He laughs while you are crying
Likes letting you suffer a while.

He’s a taker in the game of life
Trying to grab all that he can
He’s not sincere or magnanimous
He’s a coward, not a man.

He should treat you like a princess
Instead, he gets off on putting you down
He has you convinced that you need him
Without him, you’d be lying there on the ground.

Helpless and surly destitute
He’s everything to you
But reality is, you’re the one that’s strong, not weak
You would figure out what to do.

He has you where he wants you now
Isolated and dependent
He keeps you down and away from us
Are you getting it, can you comprehend it?

You’re worth more than you realize
You should be valued and appreciated
Stop letting him rule and dictate
Stop letting him complicate it.

There are those of us that love you
Wish you could see what we do
He doesn’t know what love is
He’s just taking advantage of you.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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