via Daily Prompt: Deplete


This is just a feeling
Hoping it will pass
Don’t want to get caught up in
Something that won’t last.

Clearly, I can feel it
On an ego-driven mission
Looking out for me
I’ve made the right decision.

They come on, oh so smooth
Like they are into you
Then they turn and walk away
They leave you black and blue.

That ain’t gonna fly now
Not gonna play this time
I’m taking care of me first
Hanging on to what is mine.

Tired of being played
Like a well-tuned violin
If they mess with me
They won’t be seeing me again.

I’m looking for that someone
Who’s not wearing a disguise
Someone who tells the truth
Not some feeble alibis.

Their efforts to deplete me
Take my strength and my reserve
Won’t get them very far now
I will have what I deserve.

I have my own criteria
Set up for my protection
Intended to maintain
My heart’s care and preservation.


Image from Google Images: islamfromthestart.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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