If you think you’ve got it bad
Stop and think again
There are people without water
Whose world is caving in.

They have no clothes, no shelter
No food for them to eat
They eat berries, twigs and sticks
Don’t know the luxury of meat.

Wondering when the next bomb drops
Afraid to go to sleep at night
Who knows what they’ll wake up to
What scary, freaky sites.

No one there to protect them
To hold them in their arms
To comfort and to love them
To keep them safe from harm.

So stop whining about your love life
Or the promotion that passed you by
Think about the children
Who were left alone to die.


Image posted on YouTube: Paul Fischer’s post in #nursesroar


YouTube: THE PRAYER….Andrea Bocelli & Katharine Mcphee

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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