via Daily Prompt: Tantrum


He threw a temper tantrum,
when he didn’t get his way
No one ever stopped him,
There was little you could say.

He would stamp his feet, pound his fist
Scream and cry fake tears
If you were in the area
Better cover up your ears.

He was a brat, a noted bully
A selfish spoiled only child
He would run around in circles
He simply went hog wild.

At the store or at home
On the beach or even church
He brought attention to himself
He was the very worst.

Everyone gave in to him
They knew what he would do
He’d scream and shout, he’d carry on
He’d direct his rage at you.

One day his world came crashing down
His behavior stopped cold turkey
People stopped staring and caring about him,
His fits of rage and worry.

Ignoring him seemed to work
Seemed to lessen so much tension
We finally realized what he needed most
Was approval, love and attention.


Image from Google Images: lifecell.in

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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