Moody people get to me
They always drive me crazy
They’re always complaining about “this or that”
Like a loud mouth whinny baby.

Cut it out, stop your whining
Stop spilling your misery onto me
I want to enjoy my life
So please just let me be.

Find a place where you can go
Where you can be alone
Stop making others miserable
Go off… be on your own.

Hormones, genes or lack of sleep
They have a million and one excuses
There’s too much noise it bothers them
“Turn down the stinken music”.

They are never happy
They’re never satisfied
The grass is always greener
Greener on the other side.

Take a hike, a long vacation
Somewhere far away from me
Please find a place you’ll be happier
Please go and let me be.


Google Image from Google Images: youthbeyondb

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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