Hard to be without your mother
Your very best and dearest friend
The one who stood beside you
And loved you till the end.

You turned to her for comfort
To calm the raging storm
The one who would protect you
Keep you safe, keep you from harm.

No one laughs the same way
She’ll always be a part of you
She was the one you could count on
When you didn’t know just what to do.

No calling on your cell phone
No running or heading home
She’s gone, there’s no one there now
No one to depend upon.

So hard to be without her
No one knows the pain inside
The hurt you feel, the loss so deep
All you can do is sit and cry.

So hard to be alone now
No one can take her place
Remember all the good times
Close your eyes to see her face.

She is with you in her own way
Hold tight to memories
She wouldn’t want you to be sad now
Try your best to be happy.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

14 thoughts on “MY MOTHER, MY FRIEND”

  1. AWW I’m sorry Patty, Happy mother’s day, hugs
    I was watching an interview with a 100-year-old woman, her children were all gone and she said that she still talk to them and they live in her memory everyday. “It’s a wonderful, wonderful feeling”, she said. I thought that was a beautiful way of thinking.

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    1. Thank you, Em! It’s a poem for my friend and her mom. My mom died many years ago and we weren’t that close. My friend loved her mom dearly. She passed away a year ago, this month. It was a tough Mother’s Day for her. Many hugs to you, too! πŸ’™


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