via Daily Prompt: Slight


A slight miscalculation
Can make all of the difference
A change, a step off to the side
Can alter your foundation.

Don’t let yourself be fooled or tricked
Lured into a web of deceit
Keep your eyes wide open
Beware of those you meet.

Protect yourself, all you hold dear
The jackals are there, they’re waiting
You’ll never know what they are capable of
Your fate they’re contemplating.

Vulnerable and lonely
Makes you such easy prey
Be careful what you wish for
You’ll regret that fateful day.b

The day you fall for someone who
Will take you for a ride
Will take your strength, your will, your life
Leaving you without your pride.

One minute you’ll feel you have it all
They’ll make you feel so good
But they’ll cheat, connive and run around
Never doing what they should.

You’ll be made a fool of
They are void of honor and of shame
They’ll take what they want from you
You’ll have yourself alone to blame.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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