via Daily Prompt: Disappear


I watched you disappear
I sat there and I waited
You were never coming back
The memories now have faded.

Guess I always knew
You were never mine to keep
I knew it as I watched you
Lie beside me sound asleep.

No sense of guilt or shame
Kept you awake at night
I could never rest
Knowing something wasn’t right.

I never stood a chance
The money wasn’t there
That’s all you ever wanted
You never really cared.

From one place to another
Climbing one rung at a time
You knew where you were going
You weren’t about to change your mind.

The winner has the treasure
So easily bought and sold.
That’s all that satisfies you
The money and the gold.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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