He followed me from place to place
No idea that he was there
He stared, and watched me from a distance
But, I never notice him anywhere.

Knew my schedule, where I worked
How long it took me to get dressed
Where I stopped for coffee in the morning
Had my number and home address.

I’d never met him, had no idea
Never noticed or paid attention
But he was always close behind
Heading in the same direction.

We walk around, think we’re alone
No idea someone is watching
All by yourself you come and go
While an admirer could be stalking.

All this time I didn’t know
I had this shadow next to me
Too self absorbed to look around
Too distracted, I didn’t see.

Keep your doors locked, your windows, too
Be more aware of your surroundings
Look around, take notice of
When I look back it seems astounding.

To think that I was unaware
That someone was tailing me
I was oblivious, in the dark
I was blind, just didn’t see.

He was arrested, held behind bars
He was also being followed
He had a history was being charged
The grave they found was cold and shallow.

He was a rapist, who killed and maimed
Stalked his victims one by one
I was thankful I’d been spared
When they had told me what he’d done.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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