Why accept his lying?
His lack of morality?
It seems to be the norm
It is his specialty.

The highest office in our land
Held by the devil’s own creation
Why are we allowing this?
Stand up and defend our nation.

Saluting generals of dictators
Camaraderie with evil
Accolades for torture and murder
Our world’s become medieval.

Who ever thought it would come to this?
It’s unbelievable and horrifying
It’s a matter of human dignity
What he’s doing is demoralizing.

Money and power all he cares about
Always threatening and boasting
Greed, lust and condemnation
All the bragging and the gloating.

Taking babies from their mother’s arms
What kind of person have we elected?
Is this the country you want to live in
Where your rights are not protected?

Remove this guy from office
Impeach him, then imprison
Take out his entourage of hate
Get back to love and reason.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

4 thoughts on “LOVE AND REASON”

  1. Yes, it’s hard to believe that anyone would support his obvious bullying and cruelty. Thank you for reading my poem today and for commenting. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ❤️


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