Detained and incarcerated
Held against their will
Taken from their mother’s arms
Told to sit down and be still.

Placed in shackles, put in handcuffs
With tears falling from their eyes
“Please don’t take my children”
No time to say good bye.

Children bused and transported
Taken thousands of miles away
Mother’s frantic…begging and pleading
All they can do now is pray.

No registry, no plan in place
To track the children’s whereabouts
No regard for life and human rights
What is this process all about?

Governed by a ruthless man
Without a conscience or a heart
Taking children from their mother’s arms
Tearing families apart.

Families lawfully seeking asylum
Are being deported, sent on their way
Their children kidnapped by our government
Then taken so far away.

Put in jail without due process
Parents held against their will
Doubt they’ll be reunited
I doubt they ever will.

Guilty of abuse and kidnappingn
Our president should be charged
He’s committed these atrocities
He’s a criminal at large.

What can we do to get them back?
The nation is protesting
How are they getting away with this?
They’re heartless, simply disgusting.

He’s got to be charged and impeached
He needs to be held accountable
When will the republicans stand up to him?
This behavior is cruel and unconscionable.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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