We spent several days
Looking for the carriage wheels
Traded baseball cards and gum
Till we finally made a deal.

Four baby carriage wheels
A treasure, what a find
Some boards and some nails
Some rope from a clothesline.

We found a wooden box
Attached a board down the center
We put a pillow on the seat
To avoid getting a splinter.

When we were finally done
We took it for a ride
There was room for only one
To fit comfortably inside.

We drew straws, I drove it first
It was like a Cadillac
I felt the wind upon my face
I drove it twice… straight down the track.

It was like a dream come true
I felt delighted, so elated
Was the best day of my life
I was feeling so excited.

We kept it in my dad’s garage
Couldn’t wait for the next day
We were all so thrilled and happy
Couldn’t wait to go out to play.

Kids from the other block
Came around to see our car
They came from two blocks over
They came from near and far.

We charged a nickel for a ride
One pass down our hillside track
They were so impressed
They kept coming back.

That summer was my best
The memories will last forever
We had so much fun
So much fun playing together.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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