Congratulations, take a bow
Your hard work has reaped reward
Let’s all come together
Even better than before.

Knock on doors, make those calls
Fill out all those forms
Be polite, say “hello”
Greet dems with open arms.

Bias, hate and bigotry
Will not win this war
Love, kindness, care and compassion
Are what we’re fighting for.

Give us higher wages
Better schools and better jobs
Up against corruption
We’ll succeed…. against all odds.

Gun reform, women’s rights
Those unlawfully imprisoned
Candidates with honor
Give rise to a new vision.

Money out of politics
Platforms built upon integrity
Caring about constituents
With a higher sense of morality.

Climate change won’t be denied
A plan to save our planet
Clean the rivers, save the fish
Don’t take clean air for granted.

Recoup, replenish…. then let’s go
Meet up and plan to gather
We can turn this state around
Let’s unite and stand together.


Image from Google Images: oukas.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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