Do you know what’s happening?
Look straight ahead, can’t you see?
The cold hearted, they seethe with greed
They’re not what they pretend to be.

They continue to hurt and to take
Pillaging is their mission
They’ll destroy and thwart your best plan
They will taint your clearest vision.

They’re calculating and selfish
They are a tribe of sociopaths
When you fall and try and get up
They’ll be there to point and laugh.

All is lost, little you can do
To change the course ahead
A cold stare, some harsh words
And, you’ll find yourself back in bed.

Powerless to their charm and wit
We go thru the countless and endless motions
Wondering if this will ever end
Finding they are devoid of true emotion.

You’re going to get hurt, it’s a matter of time
It may take years before you can break free
You’ll feel like a fool, you’ll feel broken inside
You’ll wonder how did this happened to me?

But, you’re not immune to feelings of love
You were an unsuspecting victim
The trap was set, you wandered in
You couldn’t see the evil in him.

Such a cunning disguise, that look in his eyes
He knew exactly what to do
You innocently fell, under his spell
He had taken control of you.


Images from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

7 thoughts on “COLD HEARTED”

  1. Lovely poem…. it happen far too often, I’m afraid…. 🙂

    Never say I love you
    If you really don’t care,
    Never talk about feelings
    If they really aren’t there

    Never hold my hand
    If your going to break my heart
    Never say your are going to
    If you don’t plan to start

    Never look into my eyes
    If all you do is lie
    Never say hello
    If you really mean goodbye

    If you really mean forever
    Then say that you will try
    Never say forever
    Cause forever makes me cry
    (Virginia Weathers)

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