I sit and wait
Still wondering why
The door had to close
Why love passed me by.

The loss and the torment
That I have been thru
Can’t change the longing
That I feel for you.

Though years have passed
It’s all still the same
I cringe with heartache
At the sound of your name.

I fall fast asleep
I dream of you
Can’t stop the madness
Don’t know what to do.

I’ve talked to the shrink
I’ve asked her for help
Placed your picture, up there
Up there…high on the shelf.

Out of my sight
And out of my mind
Why have I hung on
After all of this time?

Obsession, delusion
A broken synapse
A faulty connection
A possible mishap.

My heart has been broken
It’s shattered in pieces
It can never be fixed
The pain just increases.


Image from Google Images: mobiledev.results

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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