Can’t catch a break
The hits keep coming
Can’t find a way out
Have to keep on running.

Away from the noise
That resides in my head
It keeps me from slumber
It sleeps in my bed.

The constant reminders
The memories that last
Haunting and plaguing
No escape from the past.

Images daunting
No need to recall
The hurt and the pain
The shame of it all.

How to escape
To lose the momentum
The thoughts that consume me
Though I want to forget them.

Over and over
The same loop on the tape
The words that were spoken
They were lies, they were fake.

Delusion and madness
Overcome with pure lust
A chemical imbalance
Between both of us.

Longing for freedom
Consumed with grief
Have to keep faith
I have to believe.

There’s got to be more
Something true, something real
Something better than what
I continue to feel.


Image from Google Images:


Youtube: Tom Odell – Here I Am

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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