Is it a glitch
Have I made a mistake?
Why can’t I get this?
There’s so much at stake.

Try as I may
The files just won’t fit
I’m frustrated, so angry
So disgusted with it.

I’ve tried “pdf’s”
But, that didn’t work
I’ve been down on myself
Feeling like such a jerk.

I’ve labored, I’ve toiled
Tried this and tried that
Wish I was on top of
The basics, the facts.

I’ve tried “hit and miss”
What can I do?
Can’t figure this out
I’m sad, I’m so blue.

“Import” and “export”
“Bundle” and “save”
This better download
What a mess I have made!

Feel like such a fool
I’ve googled and tried
Seven tutorials
I’m so sad, I could cry.

One button to push
That could fix it all
If only I had
Someone to call.

“Error”, “default”
Appears on my screen
Makes me  upset
Makes me want to scream!

I’m sure it’s a glitch
I’m but one step away
From finding the answer
That could make my day.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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