It’s 95 degrees out
With the sunshine warm and bright
They say that fall is coming
But, something’s just not right.

Bring on the apple donuts
The cider and the rakes
But wait….where are the leaves?
There’s been a terrible mistake.

I can’t wear my flannel jacket
Or put on my hiking boots
My fellow surfers would be saying
What the heck is wrong with you”?

I miss the apple picking
The fire’s glow in the fireplace
The chill that lingers in the air
Feels so good upon my face.

The leaves glistening upon the trees
The squirrels running all around
The dew that moistens each leaf that falls
From the branches to the ground.

The gathering of acorns
For the long winter just ahead
The scurrying about of chipmunks
Setting up their winter beds.


Image from Google Images: fineartamerica.com



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

15 thoughts on “MISSING FALL”

    1. I grew up in New Jersey. Miss the tomatoes and the sweet Jersey corn! I was able to grow some tomatoes in pots on my patio…. here, in Florida! Thanks so much for your comments! Hope you have a Magical Day! 💙


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