Can’t count on you to have my back
Sorry, but it’s true
Though we are under the same roof
I can’t depend on you.

Coast along, no questions asked
Nothing more that I can do
So easily taken for granted
Guess, I expected more from you.

On my own, so isolated
Feeling separate from the pack
Realizing there’s no trust
No reason to look back.

Security keeps you anchored
But, nothing stays the same
There‘s more that’s waiting for you
So much more for you to gain.

More money, position and status
It’s there for you to find
We all deserve what we want
All I want is peace of mind.

I’m past the point of no return
Tired of compromise
Pack your bags, head on out
No strings, no alibis.

I’m not sad, not anymore
I’ve simply had enough
You rolled your eyes too many times
Please be sure to take your stuff.

Ridicule and disappointment
Support …. begged and pleaded for
Contempt, disgust and judgement
I can’t take this any more.

Don’t tolerate or settle
Find what you’re looking for
Life’s too short, brief at best
I’m sure there’s something more.

Desire, the lust, the romance
Wasn’t there, right from the start
I compromised, convinced myself
You’d have a change of heart.

Not going to happen, now or never
Let’s cut the ties that bind and fray
It took so long to come to this
You need to go, please walk away.


Image from Google Images: Youtube Dr. Seuss

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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