Frantic, holding onto
A branch about to break
Someone please reach out to me
Help me, for goodness sake.

I’m drowning in this river
Overcome by sweat and tears
I feel lost, hurt and abandoned
Please don’t leave me, standing here.

Stay with me, I’m frightened
I don’t want to be alone
Please sit with me for just awhile
Before you head back home.

So well insulated
Till he walked through my door
He brought me down to my knees
Left me weak and wanting more.

Without warning he walked out
No note or explanation
Just an empty dresser drawer
No second thoughts, no hesitation.

Left his keys there on the table
Left me with a broken heart
My life is now in shambles
My world’s been torn apart.


Image from Google Images: theconverstion.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

2 thoughts on “FEELING LOST”

  1. Best not to “put all your eggs in one basket”! Your sense of self worth and self esteem ….should never solely be dependent, on another person’s validation. Makes lost love ….so much worse! In this case, his immaturity and inability to maintain a relationship, led to their demise!
    Painful … nonetheless! 😕 Thanks for taking the time to comment. As always, greatly appreciated! 💙

    Liked by 1 person

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