In the end, you cut me off
Then blamed it  all on me
That’s your M.O. …. cold as ice
As cruel as you can be.

It’s not enough to make me cry
You mix fire with gasoline
No way that I could make you stop
You want to hear me scream.

Trying hard to satisfy
But, there’s  no pleasing you
One remark too many
And, who knows what you might do.

Walking through a mine field
I’ve got to watch my step
The slightest provocation
Ends in punishment, regret.

Why the need to hurt me
The heartless condemnation
Needing to feel above me
The need for validation?

You shut me down,  you silence me
Close off your heart and mind
Like sand inside the hour glass
We’re running out of time.

Shutting off from family
There’s no getting through to you
You’ve built a wall between us
There’s nothing I can do.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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