I remember the night when  we first met
You asked me if I wanted to dance
You had a charming way about you
So I decided to  take a chance.

You begged me to move in with you
I knew that it was  way too soon
But I was afraid… so afraid of losing you
That I moved in….that same afternoon.

You showered me with so much affection
Love bombing me left and right
You made love to me over and over again
From dusk until morning light.

They say when something’s too good to be true
Chances are …that it won’t last
I rode the wave as long as I could
But things started crumbling fast.

All those insignificant annoyances
Had gradually raised their ugly heads
That’s when you started… staying out all night
Or slept on  the couch instead.

I read the  texts you left on your cell phone
She was your latest P. O. I.
You had found a new…. Person of Interest
She had  recently caught your eye.

Someone with more status or money
Your M.O. to seek and then to destroy
Taking no prisoners or survivors
So many others left to deploy.

A classic malignant narcissist
So glad we never  reconciled.
Didn’t take much for you to overwhelm me
I was drawn to your charm and your smile.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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