Still sheltering in
Confined to our homes
Staying away
Spending time on our own.

Cleaning out closets
Our files and our drawers
Tired of all this
Can’t take any more.

We want to go out
Meet at the cafe
But due to the virus
Most stay away.

We sit at the tables
Spread six feet apart
It’s just not the same
And.. it’s breaking our hearts.

We can’t go to work
Sit alone in our lofts
We want to go back
We’re feeling pissed off.

You know what we need
We need a vaccine
This virus is making us
Sick and so mean.

We’re feeling so mad
Frustrated with folks
Who won’t wear a mask
And... think it’s a hoax.

When will this be over
We need to ask Fauci
Tired of us feeling
So hopeless and grouchy.


Photo by Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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