Burned to the ground
Deliberately set
There is no proof
That’s what they said.

Too close for comfort
Too hot to touch
All my belongings
All of my stuff.

Hard to believe
Someone  that I know
Set my house ablaze
Set my world aglow.

Seething with hate
Filled with revenge
Will they attempt
To do this again?

Who could it be?
A friend or a foe
Someone that’s close
Someone that I know?

Perhaps an ex
With a seething agenda
Someone I’ve forgotten
Who recalls …. who remembers.

Someone that I hurt
Who still feels the pain
Don’t think it’s the end
They’ll be back again.

Gasoline and a match
So hard to believe 
Someone I once loved
Could do this to me. 

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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