Just a habit … a routine
Guess you  needed something more
Someone new had caught your eye
You were  restless …. you were bored. 

I felt you pull away
Knew you were pretending
You were hardly ever there
I knew that things were ending.

You had met her on the train
Several weeks had passed since then
There was just no going back 
The two of you had become friends.

When she looked into your eyes
Guess you knew she was “the one”
I could tell something was wrong
When we both …. stopped having fun.

Everything I had with you
Was meant for someone else
Your smile… your touch…your tenderness 
The things that I once felt.

So hard to let you go
To watch you walk away
I’d do most anything….
Anything  ….  to make you stay. 


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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